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Adem Deniz Garić
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If you have never read a verse of Bosnian poetry, maybe this is a good place to start. Adem Garić does not shy away from addressing the unpleasant memories of his childhood and the pain they caused. America is his new venue, a new world worthy of exploration and experiment. In an authentic immigrant quest of grasping the meaning of America as well as adopting his new identity, Adem Garić compares and contrasts his old and new homelands without the constraint of misjudgment. The Selidbe (Relocations) collection – as its very title suggests – is an undertaking of constant psychological introspection into the reality of immigrant nomads, their perceptions of the society, and their integration into the fabric of America’s continuum. Their immigrant past becomes alive, transforming their present into the legacies of their future. And so it is with this poetry collection. Savor every verse

Mario Frömml

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Adem Garić's poetrycollection Selidbe includes several series: War and Peace, School,Relocations, and America is Hollywood. Adem Garić is an everydaypoet weaving his poetry through themes of daily life. He largely identifieswith the lyrical subjects of his verse. In Relocations, we read anintimate account of the poetry - suggestive of a transitional path for Bosnia-Herzegovina- and the intimation of the author's ultimate immigrant destiny.

. . . [the authornarrates] about his [multicultural] experiences, about things that have becomeconventional, about a workplace thriving with people from all over the world whohave joined this colorful palette called America to make their lives here. Itis a fact that these people, like the lyrical subject, have come from worldsthat speak of difference as something very negative. For, here at the end ofthe world, "who is who and where is one from" is completely irrelevant.Everyone here is an immigrant who abandoned his old world, and about whom ourpoet muses in his last poem in this collection: ". . . I will make [theworld] from loam / and stone / and the sod of my homeland."

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